What we do


We build a machine learning platform for data scientists, researchers, and quants.


With LeapYear, our customers can run analytics across all of their data, with mathematically proven protection against the extraction or reconstruction of any individual record. 

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The software we develop here is trusted to operate on extraordinarily sensitive data. 

We are deployed with the world’s largest enterprises across financial services, healthcare, and technology.


How we work

We are parents, pet-lovers, physicists, cyclists, teachers, Haskellers, and musicians that get together five days a week to solve complex problems.

We are building LeapYear for the long-term, and we understand that this requires a great working environment, diverse perspectives, and a culture built on shared values. 


What we value

Putting the client first
Frame every decision in the context of creating value for our clients. Understand how investments of time and resources will improve our clients’ ability to leverage their data in a better, faster, cheaper, or more secure way.

Having high standards
LeapYear makes trustworthy and high-performance technology - our work necessarily must reflect these qualities. Be reliable to your teammates, and expect the same from them. Challenge proposed solutions with rigor (not aggression) and prioritize ideas with impact.

Teaching, learning, and growing
When we don’t know something, we form questions instead of assumptions. When we make mistakes, we invest time in understanding where we went wrong, and how to prevent it from happening again. 

Insisting on integrity
We do not cut corners when it comes to honesty, respect, and personal accountability, and we make strong and intentional efforts to promote these values in our relationships at work. 

Being kind
Emulate the warmth and positivity of the people you admire the most. Respond to inexperience with inclusiveness, not frustration. Look after your physical and mental health, and take care not to burn out yourself or others.


Final points

LeapYear is looking to hire people that are both deeply technical and unusually easy to work with.

If you fit this description, then you are likely being solicited by every technology company that has heard of you. 

We expect that your decision to join LeapYear over other companies will depend on how much you value:

  • opportunities for independence, growth, and ownership

  • working on deeply technical challenges

  • building fundamental products with a net positive social impact

We are confident that LeapYear is one of the best places in the world for people who share these values, and we encourage you to apply, ask questions, and find out for yourself.

Our open roles are listed below, and we look forward to hearing from you. 



401k plan with match

Catered meals every day

Flexible schedule, work-from-home Wednesdays

Great snacks 

Commuter benefits

Monthly hikes, bike rides, game nights, happy hours, and more

Competitive compensation

Early-stage stock options

Health, dental, and vision coverage for you and your family

FSAs for health and dependent care

Disability insurance (Long and short-term)

Good ergonomics (standing desks, nice chairs and monitors)